"Monot" net

Old eels nursery pond

Baby eels (angulas)



Several species of fish reproduce in the sea and later come to the Albufera to feed. One of them is the elver, which will later grow into a full-sized eel. Elvers are currently being fished in the waters of Pujol, although that wasn’t always the case. Their commercialization began in 1925 when Basque steelworkers came here from the blast furnaces of Sagunto, and their regulation began in 1936.

The eels come from the sea and swim along the shores of the channel towards l'Albufera. They avoid the light, so it’s best to fish for them on dark nights when the water is calm. These days, they’re caught with a trap that is usually set on the southern bank of the channel in the stretch between the lock-gates and the sea.