Common tern

Grey heron


Audouin's gull


Although it may not seem like it at first, if we look closely we will discover the presence of an interesting array of avifauna along the route. The dense vegetation of the Devesa contains a large number of insects, fruits and seeds that several species of bird feed on, especially the small birds that we can detect and identify through ther song. Thus, a little expertise will allow us to discover an abundance of black-headed warblers, common blackbirds, great tits and European serins throughout the year, as well as European robins and Eurasian blackcaps during the winter season.

On the shores of the channel may be little egrets, gray herons, and common kingfishers who come to stalk the smaller fish. Many of the birds that breed in l'Albufera come looking for food in spring and summer, so we’re able to find common terns, little terns, black-headed gulls, and slender-build gulls along the channel, as well as sandwich terns and Audouin’s gulls closer to the sea.

In autumn and winter, Palmar fishermen set up their gear at the entrance of the channel which makes it possible for birds like the great cormorant as well as seagulls and ferns to stand on a wooden pole and dry their feathers after diving into the l'Albufera.