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Black-winged stilt

Curlew sandpiper


The Estany del Pujol is an artificial lake that was excavated during the Devesa urbanization of 1965. The purpose was to build a marina for recreational boats that could sail towards the sea through the channel that connects the ocean to the lake. After the urbanization project stopped, it quickly evolved into a natural site and now houses several species of fauna and flora of great value and interest.

It has an approximate surface of 10 hectares. The saltwater lake has an uneven surface at the bottom, and two types of banks; one smooth and the other more pronounced. The wind combined with the plankton and mineral salts in the water can form a dense layer of foam on its banks.

The space is inhabited by species that are typical of the Mediterranean salt marshes. Types of flora include the Arthrocnemum macrostachyum, the salsola, Juncaceae, as well as different species of Limonium.

Its avifauna is also of great interest. Here the birds can find a tranquil spot to feed, rest, and nest. It’s used by many species of birdlife during their migration, including the curlew sandpiper (Calidris ferruginea) that breeds in the tundra of the Arctic.